Wine Cellar Racking

Wine Cellar Racking

Wild Grapes' Wine Cellar Racking: Secure, Durable and Beautiful

Our wine cellars go far beyond the simply functional; they are magical, elegant spaces which you will want to share with your friends or in which you will spend time in quiet contemplation. Transported back to a memorable place and time, perhaps on that warm Tuscan hillside when you purchased some of those fine wines, it’s reassuring to know that your most prized liquid assets are housed in what might be considered as the most secure, durable and beautiful handcrafted wine racks in the world.

So, What Makes Wild Grapes’ Wine Cellars and Wine Racks So Special?

One of the key facts which differentiates us from the competition is that Wild Grapes’ wine racks are constructed in-house using high quality materials, built by highly experienced craftsmen. We do not buy-in and we do not re-sell other people’s products.

Wine Rack Aesthetics

Our team of craftsmen is composed of experienced designers, engineers and cabinet makers who know their trades and instinctively understand the delicate balance required in order to create elegant and useable wine cellars. We are quite simply passionate about creating cellars which are visually ‘interesting’, as well as versatile and practical.

Our membership of and relationship with the Guild of Master Craftsmen is something to which we hold dear and should provide you with confidence that we will deliver exactly what you hoped for.

Protecting Your Wines

Wild Grapes’ wine racks are handcrafted in our workshops in Surrey and have been thoughtfully designed to optimize the life of your wines and ensure their complete security.

Contrary to the wine racks widely available on the high street and in DIY stores, Wild Grapes’ wine racks are immensely strong and capable of withstanding loads far in excess of what they can physically contain in pure bottle numbers. In situ, wine racks are braced to each other as well as the walls against which they stand, rendering both them and their contents virtually impossible to unbalance.

Wild Grapes' are able to provide wine storage solutions for commercial wine cellars where fast access is required to a wide variety of bottles and bottle-types. Our all-metal wine racks offer an affordable, secure and completely flexible, modular system for all bottle types.

Strong, space efficient and totally secure, metal wine racks are available in any width, height, size or shape and will not cause tearing to your bottles’ labels (a constant hazard of modular wine racks) which typically reduces the value of a bottle’s contents by around 10%.

Wine Rack Flexibility

Wild Grapes’ intelligent design process provides our clients with almost limitless possibilities in terms of how they use the space within their wine cellar or wine room. Both immensely strong and elegantly proportioned, our stunning wine racks have the great advantage of being space efficient, whilst retaining and enhancing the visual impact of the cellar’s natural contours.

Needless-to-say, since the walls and floors of many wine cellars / wine rooms are rarely of a regular shape & size, wine racks can be constructed to take account of obstructions of all types: curved walls, low-lying vaulted ceilings, uneven floors and of course a wide variety of bottle and case types.

Wild Grapes’ breath-taking wine racks offer unparalleled flexibility and an end-finish which is quite simply second to none. Whether your plans are for a complex showcase wine cellar on a large scale or a functional, high capacity wine cellars on a budget, our design team and engineers will provide a solution which will delight and amaze you.

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